Has anyone felt embarrassed of their bodies or uncomfortable in their own skin?

Confession time: That was ME!!

I had the largest thighs, and no matter how hard I tried to get rid of them, they stayed large and muscular for everyone to see and judge. I tried Soulcycle, fitness, running, dieting, and more! I was desperate to lean and slim my legs and at times I would cry in my room and hide from the world in hopes of not being seen. 

People labeled me as fat, and my peers at school hollered things like, “Here comes big thighs,” and I was even referred to as “drumstick legs.”

I wanted so bad to have toothpick legs and I was willing to do anything. 

There were days I missed birthday parties, swim gatherings, and special events strictly for the purposes of trying to hide my body and my insecurities. I never noticed my “flaws” until people had mentioned them, and once they did, I became fixated on them. 

Never limit yourself or hide your face from the world in hopes of masking your body or your insecurities. At the end of the day, EVERYONE has a flaw, and why not embrace it and start a trend? Even supermodels have insecurities, yet they pose on magazines and embrace their bodies and their looks. I have grown to learn how to love myself and realize that my thighs are different and beautiful! 

I have become a strong believer in originality, and why not start the trend? 

Who gets to declare or even claim what is beautiful and what is not? 

No one has the right to claim what beauty is, the only person who can label beauty is yourself. If you show that you are grateful and proud of your body, you will become less of a target and more of an inspiration to others seeking assurance and confidence!

After I started to embrace my thighs and my originality, I noticed that many people around me began to “work” their thighs, rather than feel ashamed and cover them!

At the end of the day, you set the tone, and you start the trends! 

Sometimes you have to be the one willing to get out there and create style by owning and working your insecurities. 

Imagine if more people embraced their flaws, would they even be flaws anymore?? 

Flaws are things we give negative attention to, but if we begin showing positive attention to it, I would say it would be less of a flaw and more of an asset!

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