Just a quick chat to all the beautiful and powerful women!

Today, as I got in the car and turned on the radio, I fell in awe of the trees that enveloped my car, admired beautiful skyscrapers as I drove by downtown, and appreciated the numerous parks and areas full of precious nature and sunshine! I woke up in a grateful spirit, and not only that, but I was feeling a peaceful and grateful spirit!

Reflecting upon today, I wish I could feel the way I did every single day! I wish I could experience such a calm and peaceful mindset, feel relaxed, and be at ease with my current stage in life! Does this happen to anyone else?

I am grateful for the feeling and taste of such an amazing and positive feeling, because now each day, I will try my best to take life as it comes, look around, be present, appreciate the small things I consistently look over, and fall at ease with myself and proud of myself no matter the current situation!

I urge you to sit outside and look up at the sky and just breathe! I urge you to find a quiet spot and capture some alone time for yourself to simply breathe, reflect, and seek gratitude in the small things! I urge you to grab a book, sip a tea or a smoothie, pack a small snack, and simply rest outside while emjoying a meal to yourself! Grab some headphones, go for a walk in the park, and simply breathe while taking in the beauty of nature and the warmness of sunlight!

It is the small things that truly contribute to relaxation and self reflection!

Let me know what you do in hopes of seeking peace and quietness! If you have ever encountered such a thing, let me know! I will be waiting to hear if you try any of the things I suggested!

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