A glimpse at my most favorite Christmas celebration yet! Moments like these force you to stop, pause, look around, and feel absolute happiness and gratitude for those you love and admire. I selected just a few of my favorite pictures and topped it off with a lovely group picture….for at the end of the day, family is both 🔑 and my 🌎

From moments spent with the “youngsters” of the family

Always give love to the young ones of the family and seize the opportunity to mentor, positively invest, pour love and impactful support and wisdom! They are always eager for love, stories, learning opportunities, attention, and most importantly laughter!

To moments with my “partner in crime!”
Cute and playful moments! My sister giving me a kiss and my attempt to catch it! XOXO

Through thick and thin, my sister and I have always supported and loved each other. Having a sister is not always easy..believe me, we are not always on the same page, nor do we have much in common, but we work hard to support each other, pour into one another, and offer ears when the other is in need of love and support.

To moments with my “ride or dies!” These two girls are not only my first cousins, but serve as my true sisters!

Cousins! Cousins!! Cousins!!! Nothing like family!! At times when I feel feel alone, unwanted, or even in need of a simple re-charge, I turn to these girls for support and advice. At the end of the day, family is always there, and to me, my cousins are just like siblings! At times when I lose trust in my friends, or feel like venting or letting some stress out, I pick up the phone and call my “ride or dies!” I truly recommend utilizing the gift of COUSINS!

More of my amazing cousins, whom I am proud to call my BROTHERS!
Last but never least, MY PARENTS!
Daddy’s Girl!
….And of course mommy’s princess’!

I truly mean it when I say nothing like family….Throughout the ups and downs in my life and the extreme levels of stress and anxiety I endured since I was a young girl, the only true figures in my life that have consistently served as inspirations, and whom have never, ever let me down are my parents. Through thick and thin they advocate for me, stand up for me, extend loving hands, offer shoulders to cry or lean on, and most importantly, provide priceless memories and life lessons that I will forever cherish and hold dear to my heart! My parents are truly a blessing, and I am so proud to call them my world and light in the darkness!

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