Thanksgiving! ….A fresh breeze of revivalism …what a beautiful meaning and message! Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and I truly can’t think of a better method of encouraging gratitude and appreciation among the nation. 

Personally, when I think of Thanksgiving, I instantly reunite with my love and fascination for the post fall and pre-winter season. But navigating beyond the walls of fascination and love for the aesthetics of the season, I dig a level deeper and reunite with my true admiration for the remarkable celebration: the subtle yet humbling reminders of gratitude, appreciation, and humbleness that invade my world and are embedded in the holiday celebration. I feel as though in today’s society, our lives are full of callous. Whether it be work, stress, health complications, family issues, or simply mental exhaustion we are all in need of a simple, kind, and genuine reminder of our blessings. 

To be honest, I am to blame for allowing my personal issues, life struggles, and busy schedules outshine the positives of my life. As a result, I find myself allowing the negatives of my life to outshine the advantages, blessings, and many opportunities I have been given.

I know many people are in multiple different stages of life, good or bad; therefore, I am aware that gratitude goes unrecognized at times …we are all to blame for that. However, I appreciate the holiday and its peaceful encouragement of appreciation, gratitude, and humbleness because although we may be struggling and ignoring our beautiful features, blessings, talents, opportunities, health, and more, we are so wonderfully given a single day to exclusively reflect upon our talents and blessings. 

My hope is that this holiday season we all put our pain aside and truly give our focus and attention towards the holiday. Not only is the action of reflection upon our blessings crucial to our growth and development, but I strongly believe the practice of gratitude and appreciating our blessings will contribute to cultivating a healthier outlook and personal analysis  upon our daily situations. 

In other words, my true wish is that whatever you are going through, whatever you may be struggling with, and whatever appears to be sinking your boat, you may practice the action of focusing on what y9ou haver and what you appreciate about yourself. The goal is that in the long run your “list of gratitudes” may receive your soul, provide energy to win your battle, to even out-shine the negatives or hardship in your life. 

This Thanksgiving season, my goal is to spend Monday through Friday indulged in self care and self reflection. My goal is to select a gratitude for each day of the week and ponder upon  it. 

Below are my gratitudes:

  • Monday: I am grateful for my wonderful family, whom have blessed me with care, love, and priceless memories. 
  • Tuesday: I am grateful for my health. 
  • Wednesday: I am grateful for my confidence, which has molded me to be strong and bold in my own skin
  • Thursday: I am blessed for the many educational opportunities, which unfortunately, not many people across the world are given access to.
  • Friday: I am grateful for my ambition and most wildest dreams, which encourages me to advocate for people’s mental health and provide a voice to those who need it. 

I challenge you to select a gratitude for each day of the week, whether it be something you love about yourself or something you are grateful for, and truly devote your attention and focus to appreciating your opportunities. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all YOU strong and powerful women! 

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