Looking back and reflecting upon yesterday, I am full of pure joy and happiness. Thanksgiving 2019 was one for the books! I was specifically counting days until this year’s celebration because I needed a “re-charge” and longed for moments dedicated to the personal appreciation and pure self-reflection. I shared the idea and method of viewing life through seasons (on a previous blog), which I can confidently declare has indeed renovated and improved my outlook and attitude towards life. This year, I was excited to live in the moment and truly absorb the meaning of Thanksgiving.
I challenged myself to dedicate the full 24 hours of Thanksgiving towards reflecting upon my blessings, identifying my opportunities, and practicing appreciation of my personal qualities. I wanted to be “all-in” and fully participate in the practice of gratitude and appreciation. I firmly believe gratitude and acknowledgment of blessings significantly contribute to self-reflection, self-love, and builds confidence.

For me to be successful in strengthening all of the listed aspects, I needed to make sure I had zero distractions. Therefore, I urged myself to set aside my stress, frustration, and distractions, so that I may be “all-in” and focused on my “Thanksgiving goal.”

I am aware that many people go through all levels of stress and hardship and that many of us are experiencing different stages and seasons of life; therefore, I know putting aside personal struggles and difficulties is a very tough task to execute. I can personally relate to the action of being so consumed in stress, so I encouraged you to try your best to cleanse your mind from your pain. I challenge you to reflect upon the positives of your life, the precious memories, opportunities, and blessings, and even personal pride in your talents and character.

I hope this Thanksgiving you all considered the action of viewing life through seasons and specifically gave much attention to your blessings, so that you all may feel energized and “charged” to continue the year as your best and most rejuvenated self. The more you remind yourself of the good in your life, the less capable the hardships are of taking over your happiness and emotions.

I am working on preventing my stress and personal hardships from outshining the positives of my life. I am excited to continue this way of life, so that I may begin seeing all aspects of my life, no matter the situation, through a colored lens rather than a black and white lens.

What are you thankful for and how do you plan on reminding yourself of your personal blessings and opportunities?

What are you thankful for and how do you plan on reminding yourself of your personal blessings and opportunities?

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