Everyone experiences unique and distinct stages of life; we are all in different phases. However, no specific stage, moment, or experience is less valuable than the other or than someone else’s. In other words, your chapter is just as important as someone else’s chapter, and every phase you experience is equally as valuable as the others. Each phase plays a role in your final destination and brings forth experience, lessons, and improvements: they essentially mold and refine you.

Personally, I feel like I am about to start a new chapter in my life. Although it may be smaller than previous chapters, I consider embarking on my senior year in high school as a “mini-chapter.” I value this “mini-chapter” as much as others because senior year brings forth a lot of change, learning, and responsibilities.
In life, we experience opportunities in which we must rise, challenge, and raise the bar. Also, we will be forced to adapt or assimilate. Every chapter obtains a force of change or unfamiliarity.

As I wrap my head around this new chapter of mine, I am met with multiple feelings and emotions. I am happy to finally be a leader on campus and I look forward to mentoring underclassmen. Also, I feel energized and determined to commence my last year in high school. Although I want to work hard, enjoy each moment, experience unity within my grade, and invest in the campus culture at my school, I obtain a few stressful and anxious thoughts. I am worried about friendships, academics, extracurriculars, college decisions, standardized testing, new environments, big decisions, and change! The precedent factors apply tremendous stress in my life because they all deal with the unknown and are out of my control. Life in the “real world,” outside of high school, works the same way..

In other words, when a door closes, another one opens. In those moments, we are met with happiness and determination to embark on a new journey; however, we are met with a factor of stress, anxiety, hesitance, or worry. In life, we all experience moments like these: moments when we are confused or worried about commencing a new chapter, moments when we doubt our capabilities or even moments in which we are hesitant to turn the page and explore new territories. Whatever it may be and however worried or anxious you may be, I encourage you to take the leap, believe in yourself, and relax. It is key you do not let the numerous questions of doubt or anxiety overwhelm you and persuade your actions. Sometimes in life, the hardest decisions are the best decisions. The more you challenge, assimilate, or raise the bar, the more you improve, advance, and exceed! Do not let the fear of the unknown or the intimidation of numerous uncertainties overwhelm you, scare you, or persuade you. Always challenge yourself.

Personally, a few months ago, the thought of senior year was a nightmare. Not because I was unorganized, immature, or under-prepared, but because I had numerous questions and ZERO answers: Which college will I end up at? Will my dream college accept me? Will my SAT scores meet preferred standards? Will I be a good student body president? Will I have a friend group? Will I be able to balance sports, AP Classes, and over 20 extracurriculars? Is my resume good enough? What state will be my next home? How fast will the year go by? How tough will it be to leave my home and my family? Will I impact my school community and classmates the way I hope so? Of course, the list goes on…
In other words, I am about to approach a small stage in which I learn a lot about myself, mentally grow, and assimilate to much change! If I approach this next chapter with the mindset of fear and anxiety, these numerous and endless questions and uncertainties will weigh me down, limit me, overwhelm me, and even spoil the experience. Rather than allow fear and uncertainty to overwhelm me, I choose to remind myself to TRUST the process. I choose to handle one thing at a time, and I choose to work my hardest and believe in myself. I recently learned the art of reflection, meditation, patience, and peace. As a result of those essential qualities, I am able to exert my very best performance and believe in the final destination.

I have numerous questions, but the action of sitting back, stressing, and even crying will not advance or improve the situation. In fact, it is incredibly unhealthy and limiting. It is key to train yourself to trust that everything happens for a reason and believe in what comes your way.
Although this chapter is a tiny chapter in the book of life, I believe I obtained a lot of wisdom, growth, and experience. Also, I believe the mentality that I adopted from this chapter are essential qualities I will utilize as I grow up and experience the “real world.”
In conclusion, I feel as though numerous people shy from exploring/commencing new opportunities or chapters. I say go for it, believe in yourself, and trust the process, and be content with the results and outcome. Secondly, I feel like many people downplay their experiences because they think their life stage is not as complex, dynamic, or serious as others. I say, every experience obtains essential messages, lessons, and growth; every quality you obtain is equally as important and essential to your future self and personal development. Therefore, never feel like embarking on a small journey like starting your senior year or graduating high school is less important than a job offer, starting a company, etc. While they may not be as huge and sophisticated as other challenges and experiences, the qualities and lessons you obtain are priceless. Do not feel less deserving or less important!

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