My hat and me in Shanghai!

In my opinion, originality and diversity are what makes this world unique, interesting, and beautiful. Therefore, just like the world flaunts its abundant amounts of boldness, spirit, and creativity, we must do the same!! We must praise our original features because, ultimately, that is what makes us so unique, interesting, and beautiful!!!

I recently posted a poll and asked how many of you all experienced judgment for your looks, actions, interests, style, or originality. I want to discuss this further because I feel like judgment and exclusion, are incredibly relevant in our society, especially within the younger crowd. It is so sad that many people are laughed at for the qualities that define them and mold them into unique and dynamic human beings. It is beyond heartbreaking to encounter girls alter the way they dress or act because they are afraid of exclusion or judgment!

Each of you all must be confident in who you are and in what you do! Dress however you like, pursue whatever you like, look the way you want, etc! Never let anyone take that away from you, shame you, limit you, or alter the way you function!! YOU set the tone, YOU determine your success and capabilities, and YOU write your own story, they do not!

Sometimes it’s the small things that urge you to shy away from what you love and what you are passionate about. I was mocked for wearing this hat and called ugly because it “didn’t suit me.” I was told, “step down, because you aren’t as cute as you think,” and, “It’s funny how you think you actually look good.” People said I was, “conceited and stuck up.” So of course, I immediately grew uncomfortable and embarrassed for wearing the hat!! I stopped wearing it, and rather than loving the vibe, I hated it! Just like that!! Within seconds, my entire perception changed!!

Throughout my life I was made fun of for my curly hair, my body type, my nationality, my style, the way I acted, and even what I was passionate about!! I let other people’s words dictate my action and EVEN my opinions of myself…I encourage you all to build an internal wall and block the judgment from entering. So here is my attempt to build the wall and block the judgment! I loved this hat and the way it made me feel! Here is a picture of my hat and me in Shanghai! What are you doing to prove you are blocking the judgment from influencing you!!

I want to get real with you all, and share the way I felt when I was made fun of for numerous factors that molded me into who I was…..

….More coming soon!

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