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Everyone has a dream, a passion, and a vision for themselves!….If you think about it, people are beyond inspiring! What is so amazing to think about is the idea that all of us have different passions and interests. That would suggest that we are all capable of achieving a diverse range of success! If you gather a group of people, it is incredible and inspiring to hear the diverse range of talent, vision, and dreams! Anywhere you go, whether it be a restaurant or even your community of friends, if you truly dig deep, you will be met with amazement and surprise!

The part that makes me sad is when people don’t pursue or invest in their personal goals or dreams! You must know how valuable and important your dreams are! Your contribution, efforts, and actions are enormously appreciated and obtain so much worth! Never forget it!

When you aren’t chasing your dreams, you aren’t truly living your life to the fullest! If you find yourself doing the opposite of investing in your vision or striving to achieve your dreams, I guarantee you this is why: 

“Never let the thought of failure stop you from reaching for your dreams.”,

You are fearful:

This feeling is beyond normal! I personally have encountered numerous moments in which I was terrified to take action. I was scared to fail, worried what other people thought of me, and talked myself into thinking I was not good enough!

I was scared to fail because I wanted so bad to prove to my peers that I was not a loser anymore, I was scared to fail because I was so hard on myself,  and I was scared to fail because I lost my confidence.

Here is where I was wrong: I was worried about other people’s opinions and thoughts of my own performance. I gave them the satisfaction and the ability to judge my personal achievements! I was so focused on the negative energy, rather than on the loving and supportive family I had. In life, it is so easy to focus on the negative, but I encourage you to surround yourself with those who genuinely care for you, and focus on the positive. Lastly, I wanted to prove I was not a loser anymore. I always heard the saying, “kill them with kindness,” so I wanted to  to communicate my strength and worth to those who made me feel like a loser!!  #1: I was not a loser! #2: I should have never given them the glory or an ounce of thought! Who cares what such people think! There will always be people who are not satisfied with you, people will always have something to say, and every single person will not love you…it is life! But, you certainly must obtain strength, find a supportive circle, and obtain determination to succeed for YOURSELF..not for others!  

Tip 1: Never do things with the intentions and hopes to satisfy others. If you go about life wanting to prove your worth to others, you will never find the kind of success you wish. Approval in others only produces short term happiness, it is not fulfilling! When working for others or the approval of someone else, you are digging yourself a hole! You will always limit yourself and never obtain true satisfaction because when you are working to please others, there is no limit or consistent approval!!

You are embarrassed:

I am pretty sure we all have experienced embarrassment….I know I have! It is okay to feel this way; we are human! However, it is not okay to let other people’s input make you feel embarrassed of your goals! Personally, I limited myself and compromised my goals because I was worried how others would see it, I let other people’s belittling comments get in my head, and I LET OTHER PEOPLE STEER THE WHEEL! Crazy! 

Here is where I was wrong: I let external forces determine my internal emotion, my mentality, and my attitude! In life, we must be willing to ignore the nasty comments, or else we will never make progress! Channel negative comments into energy! Use it to motivate yourself, rather than slow yourself down! Also, you must understand that other people have no right to determine your success or capabilities; therefore, never grant hem control over your actions or morale! 

Tip 2: Never let other people steer the wheel! You must set the tone and keep your eyes on the target! The moment you allow other people’s thoughts and opinions through the door will be the moment you mentally decline. I encourage you to make a plan for yourself and remind yourself each day of your amazing capabilities! I encourage you to build your confidence and practice self-love so that when you meet external challenges, you are equipped and untouchable! 

Once upon a time you were a little girl with big dreams.. Pinterest,

You doubt yourself: 

Never doubt your capabilities! You are worthy of so much, and I guarantee the moment you grant yourself the credit and support you deserve, you will obtain so much validation and courage! Taking action and putting yourself out there takes guts and so much boldness; therefore, it starts within! I encourage you to remind yourself of your strength and capability each day and work on your confidence…this does not happen overnight. Personally, I was very hard on myself and occasionally doubted my abilities. I always asked myself if I was enough or if what I was doing could have been done better. I only focused on the negative and worried about every possible thing!

Here is where I was wrong: I was so tough on myself, that it became limiting! I did not give myself the positive energy I needed to function. I worried so much about every possible scenario (for example, if my blog would be un-relatable, terrible quality, not enjoyable, etc.). In addition, I always told myself I could have done better or that something was missing! I never allowed myself room for ‘trial and error.’ I only accepted ‘trial and perfect.’ That was it!

Tip 3: Never stand in the way of your success and never limit yourself! Grant yourself room and freedom to explore…and if you make a mistake, learn from it! Do not beat yourself down before giving yourself a chance! When you are taking action or chasing your dreams, NEVER worry about the millions of scenarios that could take place, only ponder and consider the positive outcomes! Lastly, go for it and never give up!

You can’t find the time: 

Time is valuable, and trust me; I always complain there aren’t enough hours in a day! However, I can’t stress how essential time is to achieve your goals! I wanted to do so much; however, my schedule did not allow me to pursue specific goals! Also, I was strict about performing with the best quality or not performing at all. There was no compromise! Therefore, it was difficult for me to take action, since I did not have the time to perfect what I wanted to do! 

Tip 4:  If you genuinely are passionate about doing something, you will find the time! People need to reflect upon their workload and discern whether or not what they are doing brings them happiness/is worth it. Remove the small things that consume your time! Make room for yourself to invest in your goals! I also encourage you to create a plan and strengthen your organization skills. Once I cleared my plate from a couple of things, I immediately developed an organized plan. You will become extremely productive if you utilize organization skills and strategy!

Keep in mind: Things don’t happen overnight. Time is key! I encourage you to find the time and invest your energy into achieving your dreams!

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle. Amazon,

Your dreams are worth it, and they are never too big or too small! Never let others, and most importantly, your self stand in your way! There should be nothing between you and your dream! Go for it!

Keep in mind:  If we stopped hiding our light, neglecting our dreams, or even ignoring our goals, our world would be so much more vibrant and concentrated with talent and ambition! Let’s stop the cycle of shying away from your goals, and let’s set the trend of CHASING IT!

Send me your thoughts and what you are experiencing! Always here to chat!

In my backyard

Hello everyone, I want to talk about something that has been on my mind for quite some time now…

Our nation is facing some extremely rough times, and it breaks my heart to see it! I know for a fact that everyone in some way, shape, or form is effected. However, I encourage everyone to stay positive, motivated, and happy. I know it is tough to wear a smile amidst such tough moments; however, I encourage you all to utilize this time and invest in yourself. Strengthen your mental state, review where you need improvement, invest your time in a motivational book, or maybe even repair friendships.

Whatever is weighing you down….I challenge you to work on it! I challenge you to end corona stronger than you were before it consumed our world! This is the time to exercise, work on relationships, write a book (if that’s your goal), read a book, work on yourself, reflect on your behavior, mental state, and attitude….whatever it is! I challenge you to focus on one thing and work each day towards it!

We are all capable of wonders; therefore, I am confident we will get through this as soon as possible! Remember how strong you are and make sure to remind yourself of it continuously!

Here for you all, let me know if you want to chat!

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Hello everyone! I have waited quite some time to upload some inspirational blogs and stories.

The truth is, I am a regular person… specifically, a regular girl, who wants to make a difference and who wants to share her stories and wisdom with you all. But because I am just a regular girl, I experience fear and apprehension when it comes to putting myself out there…

Does anyone else ever feel purpose and passion to say or do something, yet shy away?

I am being open with you all about this because I feel like it is important to locate and address our personal fears and worries. I want to put an end to covering up our weakness’ and worries…I want to start the trend of speaking up and being honest with ourselves. I want everyone to know that it is okay to feel a certain way, it is okay to feel like you do not have everything sorted out, it is okay to feel stressed.

With that being said, I am calling myself out and facing my worries. I am declaring  my nerves and worries stop here …. I want to share priceless moments with you all and let my voice be heard.

So here is a challenge:

YOU DO YOU! Never shy away from your goals, visions, or even your smallest hopes! Because no matter the size or impact of your dreams or aspirations, they are the MOST IMPORTANT…. because they are YOUR personal hopes, vision, and goals. 


Just a quick chat to all the beautiful and powerful women!

Today, as I got in the car and turned on the radio, I fell in awe of the trees that enveloped my car, admired beautiful skyscrapers as I drove by downtown, and appreciated the numerous parks and areas full of precious nature and sunshine! I woke up in a grateful spirit, and not only that, but I was feeling a peaceful and grateful spirit!

Reflecting upon today, I wish I could feel the way I did every single day! I wish I could experience such a calm and peaceful mindset, feel relaxed, and be at ease with my current stage in life! Does this happen to anyone else?

I am grateful for the feeling and taste of such an amazing and positive feeling, because now each day, I will try my best to take life as it comes, look around, be present, appreciate the small things I consistently look over, and fall at ease with myself and proud of myself no matter the current situation!

I urge you to sit outside and look up at the sky and just breathe! I urge you to find a quiet spot and capture some alone time for yourself to simply breathe, reflect, and seek gratitude in the small things! I urge you to grab a book, sip a tea or a smoothie, pack a small snack, and simply rest outside while emjoying a meal to yourself! Grab some headphones, go for a walk in the park, and simply breathe while taking in the beauty of nature and the warmness of sunlight!

It is the small things that truly contribute to relaxation and self reflection!

Let me know what you do in hopes of seeking peace and quietness! If you have ever encountered such a thing, let me know! I will be waiting to hear if you try any of the things I suggested!

Today, January 2, is my mother’s birthday!

Below is a small letter I wrote to my mother! Let me know if your mom is also a major source of your happiness and confidence, or if she contributes to your mentality, mindset, or personality!

I encourage each of you to love your mom, see her for her perfections, not her flaws, and most importantly, obtain gratitude for her existence in your life!

Dear Mommy, 

I truly don’t know what to begin with, or how to formulate a much overdue “gratitude note”…. for you have impacted my life in so many ways, that pinpointing a few aspects or even gathering a few reasons that have contributed to your phenomenal role as a mother, as well as contributed to molding my personality, mentality, success, and mindset is frankly impossible. 

With that being said, however, I would like to attempt to thank you for all your love, dedication, selflessness, impeccable mother figure, tough love, hard work, philanthropy, and “type A” personality.

Mama, I look up to you each and everyday and fall in awe of your strength and organization skills. You help each person that comes into your life and you positively impact numerous people in need of advice, uplifting, encouragement, or simple guidance. Wether it be big or small, you manage to make a difference, inspire, and improve the people around you.

Not only is your heart pure gold, but your soul is the purest of them all. In addition to your amazing and loving spirit, I would like to praise other aspects of you….such as your mind-blowing and eye-opening SKILLS.

In other words, your “type A” personality and desire to achieve the highest status of success, competitive spirit, determination, development of clear goals, and last but never least, my favorite of all, your ability to somehow achieve whatever you want, whenever you want! Haha! Whenever you put your mind to anything, you not only achieve it, but you set the bar HIGHER than EVER!

Thank you for always fighting through your teeth to back me up, defend my rights, and voice your support in me.   Thank you for all the lovely, joyous, humorous, eventful, priceless, and beautiful moments and memories that I have been so lucky to experience with you as your daughter.

I love you more than life, I consider you to be a miracle in my life, and I classify you as the highest of the highest- a queen in my world. No one in my life and entire existence is more presentable or impressive as you are.

I love you more than life, and I hope you know every single day spent on this Earth, I admire you, look up to you, praise you, cherish you, and feel pure gratitude for you in my life.

Happy Birthday, and with all my love and gratitude,                                                                    Daniella 



The ‘Hot Topics’ aspect of my blog is designed to spark quick chats with you all! I want to share with you all what’s n my mind ever now and then, and give some of my input and advice on current topics!

Feel free to suggest ‘conversation starters, ask quick questions, or ask for my advice! I will upload a “quick chat” blog and hopefully answer questions and give my advice on all sorts of topics here!