Hello everyone! I have waited quite some time to upload some inspirational blogs and stories.

The truth is, I am a regular person… specifically, a regular girl, who wants to make a difference and who wants to share her stories and wisdom with you all. But because I am just a regular girl, I experience fear and apprehension when it comes to putting myself out there…

Does anyone else ever feel purpose and passion to say or do something, yet shy away?

I am being open with you all about this because I feel like it is important to locate and address our personal fears and worries. I want to put an end to covering up our weakness’ and worries…I want to start the trend of speaking up and being honest with ourselves. I want everyone to know that it is okay to feel a certain way, it is okay to feel like you do not have everything sorted out, it is okay to feel stressed.

With that being said, I am calling myself out and facing my worries. I am declaring  my nerves and worries stop here …. I want to share priceless moments with you all and let my voice be heard.

So here is a challenge:

YOU DO YOU! Never shy away from your goals, visions, or even your smallest hopes! Because no matter the size or impact of your dreams or aspirations, they are the MOST IMPORTANT…. because they are YOUR personal hopes, vision, and goals. 


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