Today, January 2, is my mother’s birthday!

Below is a small letter I wrote to my mother! Let me know if your mom is also a major source of your happiness and confidence, or if she contributes to your mentality, mindset, or personality!

I encourage each of you to love your mom, see her for her perfections, not her flaws, and most importantly, obtain gratitude for her existence in your life!

Dear Mommy, 

I truly don’t know what to begin with, or how to formulate a much overdue “gratitude note”…. for you have impacted my life in so many ways, that pinpointing a few aspects or even gathering a few reasons that have contributed to your phenomenal role as a mother, as well as contributed to molding my personality, mentality, success, and mindset is frankly impossible. 

With that being said, however, I would like to attempt to thank you for all your love, dedication, selflessness, impeccable mother figure, tough love, hard work, philanthropy, and “type A” personality.

Mama, I look up to you each and everyday and fall in awe of your strength and organization skills. You help each person that comes into your life and you positively impact numerous people in need of advice, uplifting, encouragement, or simple guidance. Wether it be big or small, you manage to make a difference, inspire, and improve the people around you.

Not only is your heart pure gold, but your soul is the purest of them all. In addition to your amazing and loving spirit, I would like to praise other aspects of you….such as your mind-blowing and eye-opening SKILLS.

In other words, your “type A” personality and desire to achieve the highest status of success, competitive spirit, determination, development of clear goals, and last but never least, my favorite of all, your ability to somehow achieve whatever you want, whenever you want! Haha! Whenever you put your mind to anything, you not only achieve it, but you set the bar HIGHER than EVER!

Thank you for always fighting through your teeth to back me up, defend my rights, and voice your support in me.   Thank you for all the lovely, joyous, humorous, eventful, priceless, and beautiful moments and memories that I have been so lucky to experience with you as your daughter.

I love you more than life, I consider you to be a miracle in my life, and I classify you as the highest of the highest- a queen in my world. No one in my life and entire existence is more presentable or impressive as you are.

I love you more than life, and I hope you know every single day spent on this Earth, I admire you, look up to you, praise you, cherish you, and feel pure gratitude for you in my life.

Happy Birthday, and with all my love and gratitude,                                                                    Daniella 



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