Fashion and beauty are two things I am very passionate about! I love style, design, dressing up, and beauty products!!

Stay tuned for makeup tricks and tips, as well as outfit inspiration! I want to share my passion for beauty and let people know that it is okay to dress up and put some make up on, it is okay to show yourself some love, and it is okay to love fashion!

Girls can have smarts and style! Let’s break the assumptions that women can’t excel in both categories!

The ‘Hot Topics’ aspect of my blog is designed to spark quick chats with you all! I want to share with you all what’s n my mind ever now and then, and give some of my input and advice on current topics!

Feel free to suggest ‘conversation starters, ask quick questions, or ask for my advice! I will upload a “quick chat” blog and hopefully answer questions and give my advice on all sorts of topics here!

Hop on my journey with me and take a look at my life! I’ll take you to galas, events, parties, and more with me! I can’t wait to share my lifestyle with you all and share my most fondest memories!

We will go around town, travel, and visit my favorite restaurants! Let’s bond through experiences! Feel free to send me locations or hot spots you want me to blog about!

Hello Everyone!!

I want to share memories and stories with you all!! My dream is to bond with you all and offer motivation! This is a place where I want to share all my experiences, stories, and tips, so that I can help others!

The inspiration aspect of my blog is dedicated to motivation, courage, and bravery! I want us to unite and strengthen each other! Please feel free to comment anything you are going through, or suggest any topics I have not covered!

I am here for you all always! This is a safe place!