Hello everyone and Happy Easter! He has risen!! 

I have so many traditions and fond memories, and unfortunately, this year’s celebrations were limited due to COVID19….However, I was determined to keep as many traditions alive as possible! I was not going to let this terrible sickness effect my attitude, and especially not effect my Easter celebration!

There are so many fun activities linked to Easter…egg dying, egg cracking, Easter candy, Easter decorations, family and friends gatherings…so much joy and laughter in one setting!

Personally, I am so blessed to spend Easter with the people I love and full of fun! As part of tradition, my family hosts 50 people and we enjoy the company of our family and friends, whom we adore! My mom decorates a huge table and cooks over 25 different Lebanese platters, and we indulge in the most amazing and delicious food!

….Looking back, I can’t help but notice how privileged and blessed I was!! I never noticed the small things in front of me until COVID19 shook our world. I never realized how valuable such amazing moments were!

With that being said, today was a day of true thankfulness and love. I wanted to celebrate Easter the way my family normally would, so we made sure everything was the same!…of course with a few modifications!!

Here are some pictures from Easter 2020! How did you spend your Easter? Did you keep your traditions and spirits alive??

I was so blessed to spend the holiday with my amazing core! My mother, father, and sister! 

First, we decorated our table sweet and simple….bunnies and easter eggs here and there!

We then made sure to have our closest family near…we all linked up through zoom and ate together, but apart!

Not the highest quality picture, but this is so sweet!

We indulged in amazing food….we catered from Eddie V’s! It was not Lebanese food, but we wanted to support local restaurants and it was DELICIOUS!

We had amazing steak, shrimp, mashed potatoes, and macaroni! Yummy! 

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