Hello everyone! I have waited quite some time to upload some inspirational blogs and stories.

The truth is, I am a regular person… specifically, a regular girl, who wants to make a difference and who wants to share her stories and wisdom with you all. But because I am just a regular girl, I experience fear and apprehension when it comes to putting myself out there…

Does anyone else ever feel purpose and passion to say or do something, yet shy away?

I am being open with you all about this because I feel like it is important to locate and address our personal fears and worries. I want to put an end to covering up our weakness’ and worries…I want to start the trend of speaking up and being honest with ourselves. I want everyone to know that it is okay to feel a certain way, it is okay to feel like you do not have everything sorted out, it is okay to feel stressed.

With that being said, I am calling myself out and facing my worries. I am declaring  my nerves and worries stop here …. I want to share priceless moments with you all and let my voice be heard.

So here is a challenge:

YOU DO YOU! Never shy away from your goals, visions, or even your smallest hopes! Because no matter the size or impact of your dreams or aspirations, they are the MOST IMPORTANT…. because they are YOUR personal hopes, vision, and goals. 


Just a quick chat to all the beautiful and powerful women!

Today, as I got in the car and turned on the radio, I fell in awe of the trees that enveloped my car, admired beautiful skyscrapers as I drove by downtown, and appreciated the numerous parks and areas full of precious nature and sunshine! I woke up in a grateful spirit, and not only that, but I was feeling a peaceful and grateful spirit!

Reflecting upon today, I wish I could feel the way I did every single day! I wish I could experience such a calm and peaceful mindset, feel relaxed, and be at ease with my current stage in life! Does this happen to anyone else?

I am grateful for the feeling and taste of such an amazing and positive feeling, because now each day, I will try my best to take life as it comes, look around, be present, appreciate the small things I consistently look over, and fall at ease with myself and proud of myself no matter the current situation!

I urge you to sit outside and look up at the sky and just breathe! I urge you to find a quiet spot and capture some alone time for yourself to simply breathe, reflect, and seek gratitude in the small things! I urge you to grab a book, sip a tea or a smoothie, pack a small snack, and simply rest outside while emjoying a meal to yourself! Grab some headphones, go for a walk in the park, and simply breathe while taking in the beauty of nature and the warmness of sunlight!

It is the small things that truly contribute to relaxation and self reflection!

Let me know what you do in hopes of seeking peace and quietness! If you have ever encountered such a thing, let me know! I will be waiting to hear if you try any of the things I suggested!

Today, January 2, is my mother’s birthday!

Below is a small letter I wrote to my mother! Let me know if your mom is also a major source of your happiness and confidence, or if she contributes to your mentality, mindset, or personality!

I encourage each of you to love your mom, see her for her perfections, not her flaws, and most importantly, obtain gratitude for her existence in your life!

Dear Mommy, 

I truly don’t know what to begin with, or how to formulate a much overdue “gratitude note”…. for you have impacted my life in so many ways, that pinpointing a few aspects or even gathering a few reasons that have contributed to your phenomenal role as a mother, as well as contributed to molding my personality, mentality, success, and mindset is frankly impossible. 

With that being said, however, I would like to attempt to thank you for all your love, dedication, selflessness, impeccable mother figure, tough love, hard work, philanthropy, and “type A” personality.

Mama, I look up to you each and everyday and fall in awe of your strength and organization skills. You help each person that comes into your life and you positively impact numerous people in need of advice, uplifting, encouragement, or simple guidance. Wether it be big or small, you manage to make a difference, inspire, and improve the people around you.

Not only is your heart pure gold, but your soul is the purest of them all. In addition to your amazing and loving spirit, I would like to praise other aspects of you….such as your mind-blowing and eye-opening SKILLS.

In other words, your “type A” personality and desire to achieve the highest status of success, competitive spirit, determination, development of clear goals, and last but never least, my favorite of all, your ability to somehow achieve whatever you want, whenever you want! Haha! Whenever you put your mind to anything, you not only achieve it, but you set the bar HIGHER than EVER!

Thank you for always fighting through your teeth to back me up, defend my rights, and voice your support in me.   Thank you for all the lovely, joyous, humorous, eventful, priceless, and beautiful moments and memories that I have been so lucky to experience with you as your daughter.

I love you more than life, I consider you to be a miracle in my life, and I classify you as the highest of the highest- a queen in my world. No one in my life and entire existence is more presentable or impressive as you are.

I love you more than life, and I hope you know every single day spent on this Earth, I admire you, look up to you, praise you, cherish you, and feel pure gratitude for you in my life.

Happy Birthday, and with all my love and gratitude,                                                                    Daniella 



Hello, and welcome to “A Big Girl In a Small World.”
My name is Daniella Nassar, and I am just an ordinary girl out of 4 billion girls in the entire world. I am just a small spec in terms of population; however, I have dreams larger than the world and a passion beyond the walls of the Earth. It has taken me about three years to finally gain the courage to talk to you all. You see, I was shy and under the impression that I was just a small number on this world with no voice and a useless opinion. I was under the impression that nothing I did would impact the vast population, so I did what any regular person would do, push their dreams and hopes aside strictly due to fear and the unknown. Have any of you all ignored your dreams purely due to fear? If I have learned one thing in life, I would say, 99.9% of the time, our wildest dreams are reachable, yet WE stand IN THE WAY of our potential and most significant accomplishments.
At the time, I felt like just a number, but the more I stopped standing in my way, the more courage I gathered. I wanted to share with the world my thoughts and my stories so that I could be a voice of comfort or encouragement to those seeking it!
I was bullied out of three schools in one year, never had any friends, was always more mature than my peers, and 100% excluded from birthday parties, events, lunch, and more. I felt like a failure and completely useless. After years of putting up with being laughed at and hurtful exclusion, I noticed things had to be done, and I realized that if I were feeling devastated, someone else around the world had to have been feeling the same way. The thought of someone else feeling as hopeless as I was, broke my heart. In that moment, I knew I had to use my voice and stand up for not only myself but for those around me.
I thought to myself, It takes one person to impact another, so why not start with myself?
You see, if you have a passion, why not let it start with you?
I want to impact the world positively and spread love and joy to those who seek or need it.
Sometimes it takes a huge risk, but once you chase your dreams, I guarantee you, it will be worth it. No hard work ever goes to waste, and I truly have never heard of anyone who had a passion, worked hard at it, yet failed. It is truly impossible.
As I sat in stress, I balanced the two images over and over in my head: chase my dreams and be laughed at for wanting to bring passion to those seeking it, or be taken seriously for bringing communities together in hopes of slowly but surely impacting the world.
When I weighed the two scenarios in my head, the answer was simple. Why not take the risk? I was not afraid to put myself out there any longer. I knew I was called to go after my passion and be a voice for others, and I honestly did not want to live with the regret of never attempting to give my dreams a try!
My goal was to impact at least one new person daily so that in the long run, I would have impacted and spread love across the world. I know that if I bring confidence, passion, assurance, etc. to someone, that person would be willing to do the same to others. Within a small period, we all would have created a community that positively affects millions of people.
Amid all the uncertainty, I pictured a scenario: Let’s say the risk of pursuing my dreams to create a world where the hurt is abolished, is successful. What a shame it would be if I never gave it a shot or allowed my anxiety and worries from the past overwhelm me.
I am so glad I gave it a shot because I would have never known how far my dreams could have taken me if I did not attempt to pursue my dreams.
99% of the time, the hardest decisions are the right ones, and most likely will bring more positives than negatives.
I am going to leave you with this: EVERYONE is gifted and has a story or a platform, so do not let your worries or fears prevent you from impacting the world or pursuing what you so deeply want to achieve.
Hop on my journey with me and help me impact the world and create communities of comfort and love!
This is me coming out of my shell!
This is me following my dreams!
What are your dreams, and how did you work towards achieving them?
Leave a comment below!

I want to take you all with me wherever I go! I will update you all along my journey to restaurants, travel destinations, and more. I cannot wait to reccomend fun destinations/spots, and hopefully share a few pictures with you.

Additionally, in this section, I look forward to chatting with you. I cannot wait to discuss hot/relevant topics and share spontaneous thoughts that I may have,

Hello Everyone!!

I want to share memories and stories with you all!! My dream is to bond with you all and offer motivation! This is a place where I want to share all my experiences, stories, and tips, so that I can help others!

The inspiration aspect of my blog is dedicated to motivation, courage, and bravery! I want us to unite and strengthen each other! Please feel free to comment anything you are going through, or suggest any topics I have not covered!

I am here for you all always! This is a safe place!

Hello Everyone!!

I want to share memories and stories with you all!! My dream is to bond with you all and offer motivation! This is a place where I want to share all my experiences, stories, and tips, so that I can help others!

The inspiration aspect of my blog is dedicated to motivation, courage, and bravery! I want us to unite and strengthen each other! Please feel free to comment anything you are going through, or suggest any topics I have not covered!

I am here for you all always! This is a safe place!